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Father God, the father of Jesus Christ, the creator of us all and everything that exist. There is none above you father God, in heaven, in earth, in the seas or below in hell. Father God this prayer is going up to you because there is some negative energy that is dwelling in this home. Father have in whatever home this prayer is played, see to it that everything said comes to past in that house. Father God I want a war to start in this house against every demon in here.

Cleanse Of Satanic Structures
Father God every satanic and demonic strong holds, constitutions, organizations, in this house, flatten to the ground. Father God there is something that's giving these demons legal access in this house to do as they wish, father God send an angel down here to this house, with a special mission, to find this door, this thing the demons using to gain legal access in this house, whatever it is and have this angel to destroy it in Jesus Christ name.

Cleanse the Ground
Father God the ground this house was built on mite be cursed, there mite have been human deaths, spilt blood, sacrifices of humans on this ground, it's cursed. Reverse this cursed ground and consecrate it with your blessing. Father God consecrate this cursed ground by spilling the blood of Jesus Christ on it and keep pouring it on the ground this house was built on UNTIL it becomes holy.


Cleanse Cursed Items
Father God have this angel to take the Blood of Jesus Christ and place it on everything in this house which will remove all curses on them and sanctify them as well in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Cleanse: The FINAL Cleanse Of Negative Energy 
Father God discharge the complete power of the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth right now in this house. Start from the roof and have it to cleanse and purify as it pour downwards toward the ground. Have it to cleanse and purify all evil that's in this house once and for all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.