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Below are some of the most commonly reported types of spirit manifestations.


Visual Manifestations


  • Translucent (see through), sometimes personal features are visible; sometimes it is just a shape.


  • Solid, just like any other human being.


  • Shadow, usually black, but reports have also included gray as well (commonly referred to as “shadow people”)


  • Full or partial ethereal body. For example, just the head, or just the legs, etc.


  • Animals, usually a deceased pet.


  • Mists, sometimes called ectoplasm, but not really the same thing. Ectoplasm primarily refers to the unusual substance reportedly discharged from the mouths of early 20th century spiritualist mediums. It has since been disproved. Currently, the word is sometimes used to describe the visible material used during manifestations, such as mists and vortexes.


  • Orbs, not the typical dust orbs commonly appearing on digital cameras, but the rarely observed spheres of energy seen with the naked eye and associated with paranormal activity.


  • Vortexes, or Vortices, a spiral-appearing mist-like image. Some orbs can give the appearance of vor- texes if they are traveling very fast at the instant the camera shutter opens.


Auditory Manifestations


  • Recorded sounds and voices known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).


  • Words or names whispered in close proximity to a person.


  • Raps or knocks on the wall, or unusual and unexplainable noises.


  • Footsteps (without the feet attached), or something being dragged across the floor.


  • Discarnate voices heard without a physical source, such as crying, growling, screaming, arguing, laughing, etc.


  • Music heard from another room or behind a door, such as a piano, radio, TV, etc.


  • Sounds of commotion in a room, such as dishes crashing to the kitchen floor or furniture being moved, but upon inspection, nothing is out of place.


Olfactory Manifestations


  • Smelling perfume or cologne known to have been favored by a deceased person.


  • Smelling cigarette or cigar smoke.


  • Smelling roses or another fragrant flower favored by a deceased person.


  • Smelling a putrid or rotten smell (most often reported with Malevolent Inhuman Spirit hauntings).




Somatic (Physical Body) Manifestations


  • Being touched by unseen hands.


  • Having your hair or face stroked.


  • Being pushed, slapped, hit, bumped, shoved, or choked (most often reported with Malevolent Inhu- man Spirit hauntings, but can also occur with Human Spirit hauntings).


  • Nausea and/or dizziness.


Atmospheric Manifestations


  • Cold spots, thought to result from a spirit person draining ambient energy in order to manifest.


  • Hot spots, though not commonly reported.


  • Atmospheric Conditions Thought to Influence Paranormal Activity:


  • Moon phase.


  • Geomagnetic activity.


  • Solar activity, specifically X flares and M flares.


  • Weather conditions such as electrical storms. It is thought that spirits use the energy put in the atmosphere by electrical storms to manifest or affect the physical environment.


Physical Manifestations


  • A spirit leaves behind some evidence of his or her presence, such as footprints in dust, talcum powd- er, etc. Watery footprints where there is no water have also been reported.


  • Physical objects appear that are not owned by the client and ownership cannot be determined.


Emotional / Dispositional Manifestations


  • A person‟s demeanor and disposition adversely affected by a spirit‟s influence. For example, a nor- mally cheerful and positive person becoming more depressed and negative over a comparatively short period without explanation. Of course, such a person should see a doctor to make sure the cause is not physical.


  • Possessions of humans, or attempted possessions can result in similar inexplicable behavioral changes.


  • Strong emotions, especially anger or profound sadness.


Psychic Manifestations


  • People who are psychically sensitive can often “see” various manifestations of spirits, each in his or her own way.


  • The feeling of a presence or of being watched (could come from unusually strong EMF radiation as well)


  • Young children often are better able to see solid, full body apparitions than adults.


  • Pets also seem to often pick up on spirit activity. Exactly how and what they see, we may never know.



Psychokinetic Manifestations


  • Objects moving of their own volition (see Poltergeists above).


  • Objects disappearing and reappearing in the same or a different place.


  • Appliances such as TV‟s and radios turning on or off by themselves.


  • Lights turning on or off by themselves.


  • Many of the various types of manifestations above fall into this category because any manifestation by a spirit is technically psychokinetic.





To summarize the foregoing material, spirits seem to be able to:


  • Communicate with humans beings;


  • Make physical contact with human beings;


  • Move physical objects, such as opening or closing doors, throwing things, etc.;


  • Affect electrical appliances, devices, and lights;


  • Make objects disappear and then reappear (apporting and asporting);


  • Create objects seemingly out of nothing (implies the ability to transform energy);


  • Affect a human being emotionally;


  • Partially or fully possess a human being;


  • Drain batteries;


  • Startle or scare the hell out of you (depending on who you are).