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The Guided Path


A non-profit organization


This is the official website of The Guided Path. A comprehensive organization for the investigation of all strange and unusual phenomena. Based out of Hagerstown, MD founded in 2015, we wanted to establish an organization to help people in their problems of the paranormal and to better understand what is out there and to share it with anybody interested. We use a religious approach with a religious basis to our investigations and are completely un-biased and un-slanted in our approach to the un-explained. 

We know that calling upon a group for these services for help or knowledge can be a difficult decision for you and your family. Most groups do not take it very seriously and just investigate for their own enjoyment or just to be thrill seekers. We call these groups, "Social Groups". We are NOT that type of group. We are here to help. Bottom line. 

We're a non profit organization, meaning we do not charge anything for our services

TGP integrity is based upon our respect for our clients. We consider confidentiality to be paramount in our success towards our community and to our name.

Anyone wishing to contact us for any questions, concerns, advice, help please email us at MSIGuidedPath@gmail.com or just go to the Contact and send us a message.